Slackware filesystem builder for User-mode Linux

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mkuml is a script that can automatically create Slackware file system images for use with User-mode Linux and Xen. You have to run it as root and you need a copy of the Slackware packages that you want to install.

mkuml uses the original Slackware package tools (i.e. installpkg) to install software into the file system image. However, I managed to run it also on Debian systems by copying installpkg and tar-1.13 from a Slackware system. It can probably be run on even more Linux distros.

Running ReSoA in a Slackware UML describes the individual steps needed to create Slackware file system images. It targets a special application, however, contains mainly general information.

Here is the original announcement on Slackware filesystem builder. It's seems to be useful for the Xen community as well: How to Install Slackware Linux to a DomainU.

Before running mkuml, you should read and edit the first part of At least, check that the location of your Slackware package repository is in SLACKWARE_DIRS, and adjust the package list in install().

Note: You can easily download the Slackware package repository using the included slaksync script. Another script, kernel-get can help you downloading kernel sources from If you like the way these scripts work, you might also be interested in slacker, a set of scripts that help you keep the Slackware installation up-to-date.


Latest: mkuml-2004.07.17-ananas.tar.bz2


You can send me additions, fixes or changes. I will then make them available here for others. You can also send me your package lists with a short note for which Slackware version it is and what type of software is included.


The software is provided as is without any warranty. Comments, feedback and donations are welcome: tp at

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